Essential Oils

My favorite pre-workout fuel

There has never been a better way for me to get a boost of energy in my life than Ningxia Nitro.  This stuff is incredible!!  I’m not even kidding you, and I now buy this stuff in cases so I never have to be without it!  I am not a caffeine drinker, in fact it makes me very sick to drink any caffeine so when I found Ningxia Nitro I wanted to do cartwheels (if I could actually do cartwheels I would have done them)!!  NingXia Nitro combines 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils with naturally powerful ingredients to clear the mind and enhance mental fitness, while also providing a boost of energy and daily pick-me-up when needed.   I run faster, have a much clearer mind especially in the morning, and the energy carries me throughout the entire day.  Anytime I run out and am forced to run without my Nitro I perform with so much less energy.  Please don’t waste your health away with energy drinks, and give this a try!  You will thank me!!



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Ouch Away Spray with Essential Oils

As a mom of three boys, you can imagine we have plenty of scrapes, bruises, burns, and blisters!  My go-to oils for soothing their boo-boo’s are lavender and purification.  These are amazing!  I made a little spray to keep with me at all times.  I used about ten drops of jojoba carrier oil and 6 drops of lavender, and 6 drops of Purification.  You can adjust the amount of drops based on the size of your spray.  My little model, Gavin loves this stuff and loves being my tester!  🙂



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Dream Cream – Made with Young Living Essential Oils

Sleep is one of the most important components of your health.  Check out the many benefits of getting a good nights sleep here on  I have always been the type of person to want to stay up very late because it was difficult to wind down, but I also have to get up very early for my kids or when I have an early workout.  When I learned that there were oils that could actually help me to fall asleep easier, stay asleep without waking in the night, and also help my kids wind down and sleep better I knew I needed to try them!  One of my nighttime rituals with my kids is to rub this Dream Cream on their backs and feet.  Its relaxing to get the massage and they know that means bed time, also the calming scent immediately puts them into a serene state of mind.  They are asleep within minutes and since starting they don’t wake in the night anymore at all.  I use the same oils on myself by applying to my wrists for the scent and behind my ears.

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This Dream Cream was made with coconut oil, shea butter, Peace and Calming oil blend and Lavender oil.  I also love the Gentle Baby oil blend and Cedarwood oil at bed time.  If you have any questions please comment and I will reply to you as soon as possible.  Hope you all have a wonderful night sleep!

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