Month: August 2015

Back to school kids lunch ideas

Back to school is filled with so many exciting things and also so much stress!  One thing I always stress over is what to feed my kids for lunch.  They are not the typical sandwich and chips kids, even though sometimes I find myself going straight for that if I can’t think of anything else.  Here are some resources to help us all think outside the lunchbox.  😉

Rock The Lunchbox has so many fun ideas, I love their website and often browse the ideas there!

Look at this cute Minion lunch!  I would want this for myself!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.08.08 AM

Over at there are some great ideas!  They also have an ebook on sale till the end of August with some great ideas!


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.03.56 AM


Of course, there is always Pinterest, which has hundreds of ideas to look through! Check out my “Inside the Lunchbox” Pinboard here!


Have fun and get creative!  <3


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.12.20 AM

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My favorite pre-workout fuel

There has never been a better way for me to get a boost of energy in my life than Ningxia Nitro.  This stuff is incredible!!  I’m not even kidding you, and I now buy this stuff in cases so I never have to be without it!  I am not a caffeine drinker, in fact it makes me very sick to drink any caffeine so when I found Ningxia Nitro I wanted to do cartwheels (if I could actually do cartwheels I would have done them)!!  NingXia Nitro combines 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils with naturally powerful ingredients to clear the mind and enhance mental fitness, while also providing a boost of energy and daily pick-me-up when needed.   I run faster, have a much clearer mind especially in the morning, and the energy carries me throughout the entire day.  Anytime I run out and am forced to run without my Nitro I perform with so much less energy.  Please don’t waste your health away with energy drinks, and give this a try!  You will thank me!!



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