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Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter

I was so excited to be chosen to taste and review Might Nut Powdered Peanut Butter from Peanut Butter & Co.  Peanut Butter & Co. makes my most favorite peanut butters and I am a serious PB addict!!  What I love about this peanut butter is that each batch of Mighty Nut is created from quality USA grown peanuts. The peanuts are roasted, then pressed, to remove most of the fat.  What remains is protein, fiber and delicious peanut buttery taste.  It tastes so good, even without all the extra fat that you get from most peanut butters.

The first thing I did with my Might Nut PB was to whip it up and spread on some bread, which is always my favorite way to enjoy peanut better.  Second I decided that the chocolate flavor peanut butter would be amazing in a protein shake.  It was so good!!  It took my protein shake to a whole new level!  I just added one scoop of Mighty Nut Chocolate flavor with one scoop of Young Living Pure Protein Powder with some cold water.  You could also mix in a banana for even more flavor!  🙂

I want everyone to get a chance to try this stuff so I’m going to give away a jar to one lucky person!  Winner will be chosen on the morning of November 5th.  Follow directions below to enter:

Giveaway entry methods: 

  • Follow @GoMightyNut and @recipe4healthy on Instagram
  • Tag a friend in this post and comment why you want to win!

Giveaway restrictions:

  • U.S. only
  • One prize per person

One prize per person. If you win this giveaway, and have already won another prize from Mighty Nut through another blog, please disclose that you have already won so we can choose another winner. 






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Long Beach Half Marathon Recap

The Long Beach Half has been a race I wanted to run for the last couple of years, and it always worked out that I was working on the day it took place.  This year wasn’t any different, in fact I worked back-to-back 8 hour weddings (I’m a wedding photographer for new readers 😉 on Friday and Saturday.  When I registered for Long Beach I had a wedding scheduled for Sunday also but unfortunately it was cancelled a few months ago.  I don’t love running after weddings because I’m usually exhausted from working but this was my last race of the Beach Cities Challenge and I wanted that sea shell medal, so…. I decided to do it no matter what.  I was training for speed for the last few months and my goal was a sub 2:00 for this race.  I woke up Sunday morning at 4am, with only 4 hours of sleep.  With heat warnings all week the half marathoners were allowed to start an hour and a half early with the full marathoners.  I’m not a big fan of running in the heat so I opted for less sleep and cooler temps and started early at 6:30.  Was I exhausted?  Yes!!  Did my feet hurt from working?  Oh yes!!  But my heart was in the right place, strong and happy, and I was going to give today all I had.  My runner friend Iselda and I headed out to Long Beach and parked with only 10 minutes to go till the start time.  We quickly used the palace of potties (aka the row of porta-potties).  Which, by the way, I never thought I would ever get excited about porta-potties until I became a runner but sometimes they truly are my favorite sight!  We hopped into the starting coral and within a minute we were crossing the start line.  I immediately realized that the decision to start early before the sun rose was the best decision I could have made.  It was HOT and humid!  I started sweating with the first step across the line and the sweat didn’t stop pouring the entire race.  I was feeling great otherwise, and started with a good 9 minute per mile pace.  I love the energy of races and the thrill of passing people, especially the guys (sorry guys, but GIRL POWER)!  By miles 3-5 I was averaging 8-9 minute miles and the sun started coming up along the shore line behind the Queen Mary.  These were my favorite miles because it was just gorgeous and my energy level was great!  Once that sun was above me after mile 7 the heat just sucked the energy right out of me.  My right foot started hurting, which never happens to me, and I really would have loved to pause for a porta-potty break.  My pace slowed way down after mile 7 and once I realized I wasn’t going to hit my goal time my spirits went way down.  Realizing that you’ve been defeated is not a good feeling!  The last few miles were tough but I kept one foot in front of the other and kept going.  Even though I wasn’t going to hit my goal I was still going finish this race strong!  The last .2 of the race were downhill and I sprinted to that finish line and that part felt amazing!  Crossing that finish line, no matter what your time is, is an amazing feeling!  Whether you run, walk or crawl through that line you are still doing something that not many people will ever do.  I was proud to finish and proud to complete the Beach Cities Challenge and it was a great course.  I will absolutely do it again!



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How Swimming Can Make You Stronger

I am a triathlete but I most often call myself a runner.  I run more often than I swim and bike and I definitely do more running races than anything else.  Before I started swimming and biking I noticed my body had hit a wall, and I wasn’t really strengthening any other muscle groups.  Cross training became my best friend and the swimming and cycling toned muscles I didn’t even know existed.  Swimming provides a full body workout and helps with strengthening arms, core, torso, hips, and legs.  The best part for me was that it is a low impact sport, so when my legs can’t take any more of a beating the water helps to take the pressure off but still get good training in.  The most important muscles that strengthen during swimming are your heart lungs.  With regular swimming, your heart will become stronger and able to pump more blood with each contraction. Your lungs learn to absorb more oxygen while you’re breathing during swimming.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.16.50 AM

9 Reasons why you should get in the pool from

1. Heart Helper
Swimming provides unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning, provided you practice consistently and with good technique. While other forms of exercise may be more effective at elite levels (such as running or cycling), incorporating swimming into a cross-training routine and pushing yourself in practice will result in overall improved fitness.

2. Balance Your Build
Swimming builds longer, leaner muscles that complement the shorter denser muscles that develop from weight training. These “swimmer’s muscles” also help boost metabolism to keep calories burning longer.

3. Cross-training
Swimming not only boosts cardiovascular capacity while increasing muscle strength, but it also gives your body a break from higher-impact activities like basketball, running, and weightlifting. By creating a balanced workout routine, athletes avoid injury by allowing their body time to heal, while not forgoing daily training sessions.

4. Increased Flexibility
A heated pool relaxes muscles, increasing flexibility and enabling important stretching. Also, after intense lactic-acid-building endurance workouts (running, cycling, weights), an easy swim helps flush out toxins preventing muscle tightness and soreness the following day.

5. Strengthen Your Core
Swimming develops core body strength because it utilizes all the body’s muscles simultaneously. Although 70 percent of a swimmer’s effort comes from the upper body, kickboard and fin workouts can provide an excellent leg workout.

6. Endurance
Swimmers are able to swim longer than they can what they could sustain doing other activities. With the right technique, a swimmer will be able to train for longer periods of time than if he/she were running and, as a result, more calories are burned.

7. Adventure
Swimming has branched out from the darkened, indoor community pools of yesteryear. Many new health club chains offer clean lap pools, and local communities are finding renewed interest in outdoor facilities during the summer months. Seek out available natatoriums in your area ( and if you are able, locate a natural body of water (lake, ocean, pond, or quarry) and explore the joys of open-water swimming.

8. Social Outlet
Imagine meeting the man/woman of your dreams, and seeing what they look like without their clothes on for your first date! That’s one benefit, at least, of joining a Masters team or triathlon training group. In addition to the possibility of romance fueled by mutual interests, team programs offer peer motivation and professional coaching to provide you with increased performance results.

9. Weight Loss
“People who consistently swim strenuously enough to be out of breath when they finish and elevate their heart rate do burn calories and lose weight,” says Jane Moore, M.D., a physician and active swimmer from Tacoma, Washington. “The key is to push yourself a bit.”

“Putting on a swimsuit and appearing in public should also motivate one to shed a few pounds,” says Kris Houchens, head coach of the YMCA Indianapolis SwimFit Masters.

Whatever your reason, or whatever the excuse of a friend or partner, that swimming has not been incorporated into a consistent fitness routine, the list above should illuminate the ways in which the sport can add to your quality of life.

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