This year I completed two of my favorite Half Marathons yet!  The Surf City Half Marathon and the OC Half Marathon.

Surf City was so completely gorgeous and always falls on Super Bowl Sunday, so you get the satisfaction of knowing you can eat pretty much anything you want during the big game.  😉  I did this race alone and I really was able to take in all my surroundings.  Most of the view is the ocean and it was so sunny that the ocean glistened.  It was perfect and I did eat everything I wanted afterward, including a burger, fries and shake at Ruby’s down the road.  My favorite post race meal includes burgers!!


The OC Half was beautiful as well.  It was overcast and the perfect temperature for running, in the mid 60’s.  Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling myself during this race as I had just been in the hospital about two weeks prior with a kidney infection.  This was no joke and had me bed ridden for two weeks so I had no good training runs and I really probably shouldn’t have been running, but I didn’t want to miss this race.  I took this one very slow and easy not worrying about time and just getting through without any pain.  I was surprised that I felt pretty good for most of the race and I probably could have went a little faster than I did but I was just so worried about my recovery from being sick.  My two friends who I ran with PR’d and I was so happy for them!!  I’m looking forward to crushing the next Half and getting a new PR!  Its hard to go backwards, no matter what the reason is.


From the day I signed up for the Surf City Half, I have wanted to complete the Beach Cities Challenge!  That is one of the biggest reasons why I did not want to give up racing the OC Half.  I just signed up for the last race of the challenge which is the Long Beach Half Marathon and I cannot wait!  I am trying to get my time to 2 hours or under for that race, and I think its definitely doable!  Can’t wait to see you soon Long Beach!!  This is the medal you get for completing all three races in a row, and it is super pretty!  LOVE that BLING!!  <3

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 5.36.06 PM