Hi there!  I’m Erin also known as Mommy by my three sons and also known as wifey by my husband.  Besides being a mom and wife, I am a kid at heart, runner, triathlete, a lover of all things healthy, photographer and essential oils addict.  I started my journey to a healthier and happier me in 2008 when I cleaned out my entire house of all processed junk foods and started getting myself and my family on the right track.  I began running shortly after and ran my first 5k in 2009, after which I was hooked on running and racing.  I started using Young Living Essential oils in 2013 for various health reasons for myself and my children and since starting we have been healthier than ever before.  We truly are creating wellness from the inside out.  My hope is that this blog will help others to learn more about wellness, health, and the benefits of being active.



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