I am a runner.  It took me a while after I began running to actually call myself a runner.  I think that many runners who get started running later in life struggle with this.  I didn’t run in High School or College, I actually was really into Kickboxing when I was in High School and I never tried to run longer than one mile at a time.  When I started running about a year after my last son was born it was in hopes to get fit again and find my body again, never did I imagine how much more it would eventually become.  I started running on a treadmill in my living room because I was embarrassed to run outside not really knowing what I was doing.  The first time I ran a full mile without stopping to walk in between I screamed and cheered for myself because that was a big deal for me then.  Knowing where I started and how far I’ve come always blows me away at what the body is capable of doing.

So far I’ve completed a half Ironman in St. George, Utah in 2016, 2 full marathons (LA was my first in 2015 and Revel Canyon City was my second also in 2015), 16 half marathons between 2013-2016, and a handful of 5k’s and 10k’s, most of the 5k’s are done with my sons.  My next big race will be Revel Mt. Charleston in April 2017.

I run with my two huskies, Misha and Keira.  You can find us on Instagram @runs_with_wolves – they keep me going, and keep me moving faster than I want to most days.  😉

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